Thermoelectric and magnetic properties of Ca3Co 4-xCuxO9 + δ with x = 0.00, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10 and 0.15

Ankam Bhaskar, Z. R. Lin, Chia Jyi Liu

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Ca3Co4-xCuxO9 + a(x = 0.00, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10 and 0.15) samples were prepared by conventional solid-state synthesis and their thermoelectric properties were systematically investigated. The thermopower of all the samples was positive, indicating that the predominant carriers are holes over the entire temperature range. Ca 3Co3.85Cu0.15O9 + δ had the highest power factor of 2.17 μW cm1 K2 at 141 K, representing an improvement of about 64.4% compared to undoped Ca 3Co4O9+ δ. Magnetization measurements indicated that all the samples exhibit a low-spin state of cobalt ions. The observed effective magnetic moments decreased with increasing copper content.

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期刊Materials Research Bulletin
出版狀態Published - 2013 十一月

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