The Street Survival Skills Questionnaire: A correlation study

V. L. Giller, J. G. Dial, F. Chan

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The appropriateness of the Street Survival Skills Questionnaire as a specific adaptive behavior measure for independent living was examined. The questionnaire was administered to 55 mentally retarded adults, along with Part I of the Public School Version of the Adaptive Behavior Scale and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. In addition, three of the subtests of the questionnaire were 'operationalized' using actual stimulus materials such as tools, clocks, and money instead of the photographs used in the standardized version of the test. High significant correlations were observed among the questionnaire, the Adaptive Behavior Scale, and the operationalized versions of the Tools, Time, and Money subtests. Results support the appropriateness of the questionnaire as a measure of specific adaptive behavior.

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期刊American Journal of Mental Deficiency
出版狀態Published - 1986 一月 1

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  • Psychiatry and Mental health

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