The Effects of Applicant Résumé Contents on Recruiters' Hiring Recommendations: The Mediating Roles of Recruiter Fit Perceptions

Wei Chi Tsai, Nai Wen Chi, Tun Chun Huang, Ai Ju Hsu

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The résumé is the most commonly used selection tool for organisations. Past studies have demonstrated that recruiter hiring recommendations can be predicted based on the content of applicant résumés. However, the mechanisms underlying the links between résumé contents and hiring recommendations remain unclear. The present study extends previous research by examining the mediating roles of recruiters' multi-faceted fit perceptions in a field setting. Data were collected from 216 organisational recruiters who participated in campus recruitment at seven universities in Taiwan. The results showed that applicant work experience and educational background increased recruiter hiring recommendations through recruiter perceived person-job (P-J) fit. In addition, applicant work experience predicted recruiter perceived person-organisation (P-O) fit, which in turn enhanced recruiter hiring recommendations.

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期刊Applied Psychology
出版狀態Published - 2011 四月 1


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