Study of Storage Shelves Deformation Using Finite Element Analysis during Seismic

Dyi Cheng Chen, Tsung Ying Kuo

研究成果: Conference article


In recent years the government strongly promoted industry 4.0. Domestic enterprises highly developed of wisdom manufactured. Therefore, in the warehouse, the automatic storage system has gradually been taken seriously. The focus of this study is on the deformation of the shelves during the earthquake. First, this study used Inventor graphics software to model the shelf, the model into the Workbench for meshing and conditional constraints, then the completion of the model into ANSYS waiting for the solution. In earthquake conditions, in this study a scale 6-level seismic data is taken from the network PEER seismic database system. Using the ANSeismic program developed in Matlab, the seismic data downloaded from the network is transformed into ANSYS readable seismic code. The simulation results can be obtained by importing the seismic code into ANSYS and model simulation. In this study, we observed and analyzed the simulation results, through the shelf stress, strain and deformation to analyze the situation of the shelves, and improved the shelf structure.

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