Study of forging forming of 7075 aluminum alloy bicycle pedal

Dyi Cheng Chen, Fung Ling Nian, Jiun Ru Shiu, Wen Hsuan Ku

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Forging is simple and inexpensive in mass production. Metallic materials are processed through plastic deformation. This not only changes the appearance but also changes the internal organization of materials that improve mechanical properties. However, regarding manufacturing of plastic products, many processing factors must be controlled to obtain the required plastic strain and desired tolerance values. In this paper, we employed rigid-plastic finite element (FE) DEFORM™ software to investigate the plastic deformation behavior of an aluminum alloy (A7075) workpiece as it used to forge bicycle pedals. First we use Solid works 2010 3D graphics software to design the bicycle pedal of the mold and appearance, moreover import finite element (FE) DEFORM™ 3D software for analysis. The paper used rigid-plastic model analytical methods, and assuming mode to be rigid body. A series of simulation analyses in which the variables depend on different temperatures of the forging billet, round radius size of ram, punch speed, and mold temperature were revealed to confirm the predicted aluminum grain structure, effective stress, effective strain, and die radial load distribution for forging a bicycle pedal. The analysis results can provide references for forming bicycle pedal molds. Finally, this study identified the finite element results for high-strength design suitability of a 7075 aluminum alloy bicycle pedal.

主出版物標題Advanced Manufacturing Focusing on Multi-Disciplinary Technologies
出版狀態Published - 2012
事件4th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing, ICAM 2012 - Jiaoxi, Taiwan
持續時間: 2012 三月 42012 三月 8


名字Advanced Materials Research


Other4th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing, ICAM 2012

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