Strong commutativity preserving maps on Lie ideals

Jer Shyong Lin, Cheng-Kai Liu

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Let A be a prime ring and let R be a noncentral Lie ideal of A. An additive map f : R → A is called strong commutativity preserving (SCP) on R if [f (x), f (y)] = [x, y] for all x, y ∈ R. In this paper we show that if f is SCP on R, then there exist λ ∈ C, λ2 = 1 and an additive map μ : R → Z (A) such that f (x) = λ x + μ (x) for all x ∈ R where C is the extended centroid of A, unless charA = 2 and A satisfies the standard identity of degree 4.

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期刊Linear Algebra and Its Applications
出版狀態Published - 2008 四月 1

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