Resonant two-photon mass-analyzed threshold ionization of 2,5-difluoroaniline

Wei Chih Huang, Po Sheng Huang, Ching Han Hu, Wen Bih Tzeng

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We report the vibronic and cation spectra of 2,5-difluoroaniline. The band origin of the S1 ← S0 electronic excitation and adiabatic ionization energy are found to be 34 451 and 65 205 cm-1, respectively. The vibronic bands at 98, 220, 290, and 695 cm-1 result from the substituent-sensitive bending and those at 445, 535, and 730 cm -1 correspond to the in-plane ring deformation vibrations of this molecule in the electronically excited S1 state. The distinct features at 311, 334, 394, 498, and 738 cm-1 in the cation spectra result from the substituent-sensitive bending and in-plane ring vibrations in the D0 state.

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期刊Chemical Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 2013 八月 6


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