Preparation and oxygenation of cobalt N-confused porphyrin nitrosyl complexes

Chen Hsiung Hung, Chih Hsiung Peng, Yi Ling Shen, Sian Ling Wang, Chuan Hung Chuang, Man Lee Hon

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The nitrosylation of Co(HCTPP) (1) in CH2Cl2 afforded [Co(CTPPC2H2Cl)(NO)] (2) with a chlorovinyl group substituent on the inner carbon atom of the N-confused porphyrin ring. The spectroscopic data suggest that 1 exhibits an {Co(NO)}8 electronic structure. The nitrosylation of 1 in the presence of oxygen leads to [Co(CTPPO)(NO)] (3), which is a {Co(NO)}7 cobalt nitrosyl complex. A bent axial Co-N-O conformation was observed in both nitric oxide complexes with an angle of 128.5(7)° for 2 and 146.9(11)° for 3. An sp3 hydride carbon atom was evidenced in the crystal structure of 2, and an η2 interaction between the cobalt center and the inner carbonyl group was observed.

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期刊European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
出版狀態Published - 2008 三月 1

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