Polarized thermoreflectance and reflectance study of ReS2 and ReS2:Au single crystals

Tung Pai Huang, Der-Yuh Lin, Yu Cheng Kao, Jyun De Wu, Ying Sheng Huang

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In this article, we present the optical study of undoped and Au-doped rhenium disulphide (ReS2 and ReS2:Au) using temperature- and polarization-dependent thermoreflectance (PTR) and reflectance (R) measurements. We have observed the indirect band gaps (Eg||, E g⊥), and direct band-edge excitonic transitions (E ex1, Eex2, Eex 3 and Eex4) at various polarization angles. The amplitudes of Eex1 and Eex2 transitions have an orthogonal characteristic and follow the Malus rule. A small blue-shift of indirect band gaps has been observed for the ReS2:Au sample, we believe that this result is contributed from the doping effects. We also measured the temperature-dependent PTR spectra in the temperature range from 55 to 300 K, and determined the temperature dependences of the transition energies and broadening parameters of Eex1 and E ex2 transitions. Reflectance measurements at various polarizations have been performed to confirm our observations.

期刊Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
發行號4 PART 2
出版狀態Published - 2011 四月 1

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