Optimal cluster number selection in ad-hoc wireless sensor networks

Tung Jung Chan, Ching Mu Chen, Yung Fa Huang, Jen Yung Lin, Tsair Rong Chen

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In clustering-based wireless sensor networks (WSNs), a certain sensing area is divided into many sub-areas. Cluster formation and cluster head selection are well done in the setup phase. With the predetermined probability and random, every round in the WSNs has the different cluster numbers and cluster heads. However, the well known technique in cluster-based WSN is especially the low energy adaptive cluster hierarchy (LEACH) and its energy performance is improved due to the scheme of clustering, probability, and random. The clustering-based WSN has sensor nodes organized themselves with the pre-determined variable p to form clusters. With the pre-determined p variable and probability, every round has different cluster numbers which are not the optimal solution. Therefore, in order to evenly consume nodes' energy, this paper proposes a fixed optimal cluster (FOC) numbers that is to analyze the entire network first to have the optimal cluster numbers and then apply it to form the optimal cluster numbers. Moreover, there are two different types of the optimal cluster numbers depending on the location of the base station. One is that the base station is setup at the center of the sensing area. The other is that the base station is setup at the far way of the sensing area. Finally, by the optimization analysis of cluster numbers applied to the ad-hoc WSN before sensor nodes are randomly deployed, the simulation results show the entire network lifetime can be extended very well.

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期刊WSEAS Transactions on Communications
出版狀態Published - 2008 十二月 1

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