Modelling and infrared radiation compensation for non-contact temperature measurement

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Beyond the conventional non-contact temperature measurement with ambient temperature compensation and our previous work of multi-sensors compensation, two compensation schemes are proposed and compared. An infrared radiation measurement module with several temperature sensors are built and calibrated with ambient compensation to investigate the dynamic temperature distribution under moving of module from one place to another. The new approach we proposed including the infrared radiation exchanges model between the target, sensor and the optical path thorough temperature monitoring and two fast temperature measurement schemes with dynamic compensation. After careful calibrations and verification of several experiment conditions, our models of two dynamic compensation schemes both show an excellent agreement with the measuring data. The experimental data of compensation scheme reach a stable reading value of target temperature down from 40 min to 2 min for the differential scheme compensation and 6 min for multi-sensors scheme compensation with temperature error around 0.2 °C.

期刊IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2018 七月 4
事件2018 International Joint Conference on Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering, CMSME 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand
持續時間: 2018 二月 242018 二月 26

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