Leakage-resilient ID-based signature scheme in the generic bilinear group model

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Security mechanisms in the traditional cryptography have been modeled under the assumption that secret values (keys) are completely hidden to an adversary. Indeed, a number of side-channel attacks (e.g., timing, power, fault, etc.) have been demonstrated to obtain partial information about secret keys. Leakage-resilient cryptography is a countermeasure to withstand side-channel attacks. Recently, a large number of leakage-resilient cryptographic schemes or protocols have been proposed to resist various side-channel attacks. Up to now, no work has been done on leakage-resilient identity-based signature (LR-IBS). In this article, we propose the first LR-IBS scheme based on Galindo and Vivek's leakage-resilient signature. In the generic bilinear group model, we formally prove that our LR-IBS scheme possesses existential unforgeability against identity and adaptive chosen message attacks under the continual leakage model.

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期刊Security and Communication Networks
出版狀態Published - 2016 十一月 25

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