IoT application on establishing smart home

Kai Chao Yao, Wei Tzer Huang, Li Chiou Hsu, Jian Yuan Lai, Chin Kun Yang

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This paper aimed to build a smart home system that has remote monitoring and control. NI myRIO is applied as control unit to achieving the control function for a smart home system and uses Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) to design a program that runs on NI myRIO. The system can detect each sensor through wireless communication. The system is designed based on LabVIEW because the latter possesses a friendly interface and a development environment for wireless transmission. The shared variable function and Wi-Fi technology in LabVIEW were used to build the remote control function, which can control and monitor data immediately on a local PC or a remote tablet. The completed functions include the monitoring of earth-quake, house temperature, rain, brightness, and real-time image. Moreover, the system can activate the relays for control of earthquake alert, air condition, light, and power window.

頁(從 - 到)1133-1142
期刊ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications
出版狀態Published - 2020 十二月

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  • Computer Science(all)

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