Implementing technicians' occupational licences: A feasibility study for electricians

Farn Shing Chen, Wen Jye Shyr, Shoei Der Shyy, Hsi Hui Chen

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This article examines the occupational licence needs for electricians in Kansas, the USA. The authors discuss the significant obstacles and benefits to the development and expanded use of electrician licences. A random approach was used to select a sample, which were listed in the American Business Disc. Once the data were received, the findings were entered into tables and a narrative was developed to report the findings. Each item was evaluated using percentage and frequency. The results show that major obstacles to the development and expanded use of electrical licences in Kansas are high cost, the lack of a structure for promoting standards across industry and union opposition. The major benefits for employees in introducing occupational licences were to increase electricians' wages, to help workers retain their employment, and get rid of unfit or unqualified competition. The researchers, hereby, recommend that a further study should be made to evaluate more populations in the introduction of occupational licences for electricians. The cost and needs of the facilities, equipment expansion and the consideration of additional facilities should be addressed.

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期刊World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education
出版狀態Published - 2016 一月 1

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