Implement the RFID position based system of automatic tablets packaging machine for patient safety

Ching Hsiang Chang, Yeong Lin Lai, Chih Cheng Chen

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Patient safety has been regarded as the most important quality policy of hospital management. The medicine dispensing definitely plays an influential role in the Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards. The problem we are going to discuss in this paper is that the function of detecting mistakes does not exist in the Automatic Tablets packaging machine (ATPM) in the hospital pharmacy department when the pharmacists implement the replenishment of cassettes. In this situation, there are higher possibilities of placing the wrong cassettes back to the wrong positions, so that the human errors will lead to a crucial impact on total inpatients undoubtedly. Therefore, this study aims to design the RFID (Radio frequency identification) position based system (PBS) for the ATPM with passive high frequency (HF) model. At first, we placed the HF tags on each cassette and installed the HF readers on the cabinets for each position. Then, the system works on the reading loop to verify ID numbers and positions on each cassette. Next, the system would detect whether the orbit opens or not and controls the readers' working power consumption for drug storage temperature. Finally, we use the RFID PBS of the ATPM to achieve the goal of avoiding the medication errors at any time for patient safety.

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期刊Journal of Medical Systems
出版狀態Published - 2012 十二月 1

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