Graphical human interface technology for use in mechatronics in engineering education

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This study proposes a graphical human interface technology for use in mechatronics learning. This learning system elucidates, for students, the principles, function, and application of mechatronics, and also demonstrates the use of graphical monitoring and control technology. Students can, in advance, design a graphical monitor program to monitor and control mechatronics module. Students learn, verify, and acquire lectured concepts by performing mechatronics experiments in the laboratory. The most important part of the system is the implementation of the experimental module in laboratory sessions, using the graphical interface technology. The suitability of this technology of the laboratory concept is demonstrated in the Department of Industrial Education and Technology at National Changhua University of Education. Preliminary evaluation of the laboratory platform was encouraging and has shown that it has achieved success in helping students understand concepts and master basic technology.

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期刊Computer Applications in Engineering Education
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