Finite element analysis of deep drawing

Dyi Cheng Chen, Li Cheng-Yu, Yu Yu Lai

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With the advancement of technology, aiming for achieving a greater lightness and smaller size of 3C products, parts processing technology not only needs to explore the basic scientific theory of materials but also needs to discuss the process of deep drawing numerical and the plastic deformation. This study is based on the square shape of the deep drawing numerical simulation, and aluminum alloy plastic flow stress was input into the finite element method for simulation of plastic deformation in the aluminum alloy friction, mold clamping force, and frequency, as well as amplitude in the influence of forming mechanism and the drawing ratio of aluminum alloy. Finite element analysis software has the function of grid automatic rebuild, which can rebuild the broken grid in the analysis into a complete grid shape, which can avoid the divergence caused by numerical calculation in the analysis process. The greater the obtained error value, the best plastic parameters can be found.

期刊Advances in Mechanical Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2019

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  • Mechanical Engineering

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