Dynamic behaviors analysis of the aerostatic linear guideway with a passive compensator for PCB drilling machine

Ming Fei Chen, Wei Lun Huang, Wen Tse Hsiao

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Externally pressurized gas-lubricated linear guideway has been successfully used in the PCB drilling machine. In this paper, we analyze the performance of the grooved aerostatic thrust bearing with passive compensator and the dynamic behaviors of aerostatic linear guideway with compensating aerostatic thrust bearings. The Newmark integration method and the modified resistance network method (RNM), which consider the equilibrium of mass flow rate and the squeeze film effect, use to analyze the time-dependent dynamic behaviors. The results indicate that the passive compensator could maintain the thrust bearing in the suitable film gap. Therefore, the aerostatic linear guideway could achieve accurate straight motion and reduce vibration amplitude.


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  • Mechanical Engineering