Driver identification using finger-vein patterns with Radon transform and neural network

Jian Da Wu, Siou Huan Ye

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A driver identification system using finger-vein technology and an artificial neural network is presented in this paper. The principle of the proposed system is based on the function of near infra-red finger-vein patterns for biometric authentication. Finger-vein patterns are required by transmitting near infra-red through a finger and capturing the image with an infra-red CCD camera. The algorithm of the proposed system consists of a combination of feature extraction using Radon transform and classification using the neural network technique. The Radon transform can concentrate the information of an image in a few high-valued coefficients in the transformed domain. The neural networks are used to develop the training and testing modules. The artificial neural network techniques using radial basis function network and probabilistic neural network are proposed to develop a driver identification system. The experimental results indicated the proposed system performs well for personal identification. The average identification rate of PNN network is over 99.2%. The details of the image processing technique and the characteristic of system are also described in this paper.

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期刊Expert Systems with Applications
發行號3 PART 2
出版狀態Published - 2009 四月


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