Digital forensics of WLM 8.1 via check point methodology within corporate intranet in future communication security

Hai Cheng Chu, Der Jiunn Deng, Han Chieh Chao

研究成果: Article


Windows Live Messenger (WLM) is one of the most prevalent ubiquitous Instant Messaging (IM) application programs being used by voluminous people worldwide to establish their cyber social lives. It dramatically changes the way of communication for human beings in the past decade in all aspects. However, WLM is like a sharp double-edge sword, especially the exploited vulnerabilities concerning information security. Consequently, there is an urgent necessity for Digital Forensics (DF) to be strongly enforced within the organizations in order to specifically identify the real causes of the information breaches when utilize WLM. Few researches have formally incorporated the DF of WLM into generic guidelines for the associate personnel to follow. In this paper, we provide the system architecture of the experiment accompanied with our proposed Check Point (CP) methodology trying to disclose the possible digital evidences that could be explicitly collected and scientifically presented as probative evidences with respect to the persistently mushrooming information security incidents in the next generation wireless communication networks.

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期刊Security and Communication Networks
出版狀態Published - 2011 一月 1


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  • Information Systems
  • Computer Networks and Communications