Differential Domain Wall Propagation in Y-Shaped Permalloy Nanowire Devices

Bipul Das, Ting Chieh Chen, Deng Shiang Shiu, Lance Horng, Jong Ching Wu

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Here, we report an investigation of magnetic domain wall (DW) evolution and propagation in Y-shaped permalloy (Py) nanowire (NW) devices. The devices are fabricated using standard electron-beam lithography technique. Each device consists of three connected NWs that form a Y-junction structure with one branch connecting either symmetrically or asymmetrically to a circular disk for DW nucleation. The DW dynamics in the devices are studied by in situ magnetic force microscopy (MFM) by pinning the DWs to triangular notches at each branch of the two devices. We observe that the DW injection field values differ depending on whether they are connected to the circular disks symmetrically or asymmetrically. However, after they pass the Y-junctions, a selection is made by the DWs to propagate easily either through both or through only one particular outgoing branch of the devices. The experimental observations are analyzed by micromagnetic simulation. It can be inferred from the results that the influence of detailed geometrical shape of the devices leads to significantly different interactions among the innate topological defects and the notches with the injected DWs.

出版狀態Published - 2016

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  • Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials
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