Development of a drowsiness warning system based on the fuzzy logic images analysis

Jian Da Wu, Tuo Rung Chen

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In the present study, a vehicle driver drowsiness warning system using image processing technique with fuzzy logic inference is developed and investigated. The principle of the proposed system is based on facial images analysis for warning the driver of drowsiness or inattention to prevent traffic accidents. The facial images of driver are taken by a CCD camera which is installed on the dashboard in front of the driver. A fuzzy logic algorithm and an inference are proposed to determine the level of fatigue by measuring the blinding duration and its frequency, and warn the driver accordingly. The experimental works are carried to evaluate the effect of the proposed system for drowsiness warning under various operation conditions. The experimental results indicated that the proposed expert system is effective for increasing safe in drive. The detail of image processing technique and the characteristic also is present in this paper.

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期刊Expert Systems with Applications
出版狀態Published - 2008 二月 1

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