Boolean-based operation on overlapping CL paths for 3D models

Jui Pin Hung, Yuan Lung Lai

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A 3D model can be machined in sections by dividing with cutting slices vertical to the z-axis. This paper introduces a Boolean-based algorithm for planar profiles, which is a frequent implementation for overlapping elimination in CL paths generation. In the proposed algorithm, the profiles can be convex or concave, with or without islands. It is available for general planar profiles on contouring and pocketing machining. This algorithm searches for all intervals split by intersections of complicate planar profiles directly and transforms 2D transversal intersection problems into 1D interval identifications. It uses a simple but efficient odd-even determination based on interval-linked sets by tracking the intersections along the governing profile. Depending on the operation of Boolean union, intersection, and difference between two profiles, the solutions can be obtained under the same manipulation procedures. This proposed algorithm can be easily adapted to Boolean operations between regions composed of general closed profiles and be implemented on computerised CAD/CAM systems. Examples with various multiple profiles are demonstrated.

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期刊International Journal of Production Research
出版狀態Published - 2012 一月 15

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