An IND-ID-CPA Secure ID-Based Cryptographic Protocol using GDLP and IFP

Chandrashekhar Meshram, Yuh Min Tseng, Cheng Chi Lee, Sarita Gajbhiye Meshram

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ID-based cryptographic protocol is an extremely valuable apparatus in the field of cryptography and has numerous latent applications. The safety of conventional ID-based cryptographic protocol is entirely contingent in light of the safety of private keys. Revelation of private keys needs reissuing all beforehand doled out encryptions. This confinement turns out to be clearer today as key presentation is more regular with expanding utilization of unprotected gadgets and mobile technology. In this context, relieving the loss of key disclosure in ID-based cryptographic protocol is a critical issue. To manage this issue, we present to include onward security into ID-based cryptographic protocol. Besides, we propose another development of indistinguishability-ID-based cryptographic protocol using Integer Factorization Problem (IFP) and Generalized Discrete Logarithm Problem (GDLP) which is semantically protected against Chosen Plaintext Attack (CPA) in random oracle. We show that our presented protocol beats the other standing protocol as far as security, the length of public key and computational cost are concerned. We shed light on some applications and future scope.

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期刊Informatica (Netherlands)
出版狀態Published - 2017 一月 1

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