A turn-on Schiff-base fluorescence sensor for Mg2+ ion and its practical application

Min Hsiu Kao, Ting Yu Chen, You Ru Cai, Ching Han Hu, Yen Wen Liu, Yi Jhong, An Tai Wu

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A simple quinoline derivative (quinoline-base sensor) was synthesized and investigated by its sensing properties towards various metal ions in CH3CN. Quinoline-base sensor showed a highly selective fluorescent enhancement towards Mg2+. The association constant of a 1:1 complex between quinoline-base sensor and Mg2+ was determined as 1.91×107 M-1. The detection limit of quinoline-base sensor for the analysis of Mg2+ ion was determined as 19.1 ppb; this value is below the maximum permissible level for drinking water.

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期刊Journal of Luminescence
出版狀態Published - 2016 一月 1

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