A (t,n) multi-secret sharing scheme

Chou Chen Yang, Ting Yi Chang, Min Shiang Hwang

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In the (t,n) multi-secret sharing scheme, there are n participants in the system. At least t or more participants can easily pool their secrets shadows and reconstruct p secrets at the same time. Chien et al. [IEICE Trans. Fundamentals E83-A (2000) 2762] used (n+p-t+1) public values, (2(n+p)-t)×(n+p) storages, and solved (n+p-t) simultaneous equations to share p secrets. In this article, we shall propose an alternative (t,n) multi-secret sharing based on Shamir's secret sharing. We shall use (n+p-t+1) or (n+1) public values, 2(t-1) or 2(p-1) storages, and employ the Lagrange interpolation polynomial to share p secrets. Our scheme will have exactly the same power as Chien et al.'s scheme.

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期刊Applied Mathematics and Computation
出版狀態Published - 2004 四月 5

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