A revocable ID-based signcryption scheme

Tsu Yang Wu, Tung Tso Tsai, Yuh-Min Tseng

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Signcryption scheme can efficiently perform encryption and signing procedures in a single step to obtain message confidentiality and non-reputation properties. As compared to the traditional public key system, identity (ID)-based public key system (IDPKS) can simplify the management of required certificates. However, how to revoke these compromised or misbehaving identities in the IDPKS becomes a critical problem. Recently, Tseng and Tsai proposed a novel construction in the IDPKS with revocation mechanism called revocable ID-based public key system (R-IDPKS). In this paper, we follow their R-IDPKS to propose an important cryptographic primitive "signcryption". Security analysis is made to demonstrate that the proposed scheme is provably secure and provides confidentiality and unforgeability.

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期刊Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing
出版狀態Published - 2012 十二月 21

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