A multiple-input multiple-output power converter with efficient power management

Yi Nung Chung, Deng Chung Lin, Kuo Ching Tseng, Cheng Wei Wang

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In order to use renewable energy effectively, a multiple-input multiple-output power converter using the Flyback structure is developed in this paper. In this design, line power, solar energy, and a battery are used as input power sources. The output provides power to different loads and to charge a battery also. In the usual situation, the solar energy is used as the primary source. If the solar energy is insufficient, then the reserved energy in the battery is used to supply the loads. When both the battery and solar energy are insufficient, the system model switches to the power grid for supplying loads. This development uses a transformer together with a single chip controller to control the input activation and output feedback control. With the single chip controller, one transformer can achieved multiple-input to multiple-output functions which significantly reduce the volume and weight of the entire system, thereby achieving the goal of its being light, thin, short and small.

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