A CMOS compatible active thermopile with high frequency measurement

Chih-Hsiung Shen, Wei Fang Chen, Shih Han Yu

研究成果: Conference article

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A considerable number of measurements for microsensors and system characterizations rely on the analysis of its step response. Device parameters of thermal microsensors are essential for evaluating the sensor performances and their simulation modeling. For the thermal microsensors, the thermal parameters are sometimes show important relations to the package, which is not an ideal heat sink. By decoupling the heat equations for the membrane of sensor and package, we first build a multiple-time-constant modeling of thermal microsensors, which describe a more realistic thermal behavior. The behavior on spectrum domain and time domain are predicted and been proved by our experiments. A new investigation of high frequency response for CMOS compatible thermoelectric infrared sensors is proposed and fabricated. The sensors are fabricated by an 1.2 μm industrial CMOS IC technologies combined with a subsequent anisotropic front-side etching stop. To reach a larger response signal, we fabricate a large floating membrane structure with a built-in polysilicon resistor as a signal modulator. It consists of a heating polysilicon resistor and an Al / n-polysilicon thermopile, embedded in an oxide/nitride membrane. High frequency response of test sample shows unexpected large signal, which is quite interesting and never reported before. We have made a thoroughly measurement and analysis, and give some interesting results.

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期刊Conference Record - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference
出版狀態Published - 2004 十月 8
事件Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, IMTC/04 - Como, Italy
持續時間: 2004 五月 182004 五月 20


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