A cloud computing platform for ERP applications

Chin Sheng Chen, Wen-Yau Liang, Hui Yu Hsu

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Cloud computing enables many applications of Web services and rekindles the interest of providing ERP services via the Internet. It has the potentials to reshape the way IT services are consumed. Recent research indicates that ERP delivered thru SaaS will outperform the traditional IT offers. However, distributing a service compared to distributing a product is more complicated because of the immateriality, the integration and the one-shot-principle referring to services. This paper defines a CloudERP platform on which enterprise customers can select web services and customize a unique ERP system to meet their specific needs. The CloudERP aims to provide enterprise users with the flexibility of renting an entire ERP service through multiple vendors. This paper also addresses the challenge of composing web services and proposes a web-based solution for automating the ERP service customization process. The proposed service composition method builds on the genetic algorithm concept and incorporates with knowledge of web services extracted from the web service platform with the rough set theory. A system prototype was built on the Google App Engine platform to verify the proposed composition process. Based on experimental results from running the prototype, the composition method works effectively and has great potential for supporting a fully functional CloudERP platform.

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期刊Applied Soft Computing Journal
出版狀態Published - 2015 一月 1

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