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A comparison of learning effectiveness among serious games with varying degrees of playability

Yang, C. S., Lin, S. H. & Wang, K. H., 2012 一月 1, p. 459-466. 8 p.

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An eye tracking study of graphic representation in biology

Hsieh, C. T. & Wen, M. L., 2012 一月 1, p. 450-454. 5 p.

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Integrating simulations in teaching of science argumentation

Shih, M. K., Lee, S. W-Y. & Chen, C. T., 2012 一月 1, p. 455-458. 4 p.

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Fast switching of silica nanoparticle-doped hybrid aligned nematic device

Huang, C-Y., Lai, C. C., Huang, Y. J., Chen, J. H. & Song, H. C., 2010 十二月 1, p. 205-206. 2 p.

研究成果: Paper

Holographic optical elements for stereoscopic vision on LCD panel

Su, W. C., Chen, C. Y., Wang, Y. F. & Ho, H. W., 2010 十二月 1, p. 1321-1322. 2 p.

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Effect of CNTs on the electro-optical propertiesof the VA LC cells

Huang, C. Y., Chiou, P. Y., Huang, Y. J. & Zheng, J. Y., 2009 十二月 1, p. 41-44. 4 p.

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Dual mode LCDs with multistable and dynamic modes

Huang, C-Y., Lai, C. C., Tseng, Y. H., Yang, Y. T., Tien, C. J. & Lo, K. Y., 2008 十二月 1, p. 1551-1554. 4 p.

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Luminescent properties in emission layer of white polymer light-emitting devices

Wu, F. C., Cheng, H. L. & Wang, Y-W., 2007 十二月 1, p. 1109-1112. 4 p.

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Carbon nanotube-doped twisted nematic liquid crystal cells

Huang, C. Y., Pan, H. C. & Hsieh, C. T., 2006 十二月 1, p. 63-66. 4 p.

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Carbon nanotube-doped liquid crystal devices

Huang, C-Y., Hu, C. Y., Pan, H. C. & Lo, K. Y., 2005 十二月 1, p. 29-32. 4 p.

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Order parameters of liquid crystal on dual easy axes substrate

Huang, C. Y., Huang, Y. S. & Tian, J. R., 2005 十二月 1, p. 189-192. 4 p.

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All-optical system based on holographic interconnections

Sun, C. C., Su, W. C., Hsu, C. Y., Chen, Y. M. & Ouyang, Y., 2001, p. 16-17. 2 p.

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RSA-based partially blind signature with low computation

Chien, H. Y., Jan, J. K. & Tseng, Y-M., 2001 一月 1, p. 385-389. 5 p.

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Fabrication of ultra-small dimension Si1-xGex wires in Si using pulsed laser induced epitaxy

Deng, C., Wu, J-C., Rack, J., Sigmon, T. W. & Wybourne, M. N., 1995 十二月 1, p. 444-446. 3 p.

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Growth and temperature-dependent linear absorption of CdS microcrystallites in glass

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