The correlation between personal emotion and immersion experience in the guiding system for a cultural district

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Technological development has made the presentation of local cultures available in virtual environments, connecting users' imaginations and memories in order to help them understand the historical background. With regards to human-computer interactions, immersion experiences are created by personal emotions. Therefore, how personal emotions affect the immersion experience of interactive guiding systems is a topic requiring further research. This study used a guiding system to investigate the correlation between the personal emotion and the immersion experience of local residents and tourists. 55 participants were examined using an emotional scale and immersion questionnaire in the Xi-Shi culture district of Changhua City in Taiwan. Partial least square was then used to conduct path coefficient analysis on the immersion experience. Electroencephalography was also used to further examine user experiences. The results showed that positive emotions had a positive influence on immersion experiences, indicating that the system can excite personal emotion and create positive human-computer interaction. Positive emotions are the key factor for immersion experiences. When participants produced low beta brainwaves, their immersion experiences were stronger.

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JournalJournal of Design
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Publication statusPublished - 2016 Jun 1


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