Spectrum Expansion/Contraction and Survivable Routing and Spectrum Assignment problems on EONs with time-varying traffic

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For serving time-varying traffic on an Elastic Optical Networks (EONs), the spectrum allocated previously for the connection request should be expanded or contracted to meet the traffic requirement. For the survivable connection, both the primary and the backup lightpaths of the connection request should be expanded/contracted at the same time. In this paper, the Survivable Routing and Spectrum Allocation (SRSA) problem and the Spectrum Expansion Contraction (SEC) problem for SRSA on EONs with time-varying traffic are studied. In this article, two protecting schemes, Dedicated Path Protection (DPP) and Shared Backup Path Protection (SBPP) are considered. For each protecting scheme, two dynamic survivable routing algorithms and the respective SEC operations are developed to solve it. In the proposed algorithms, both the weighted hop distance and spectrum fragmentation are considered jointly. These algorithms are examined through simulations to find the best parameter for each algorithm. The results show that the blocked ratio (BR) of requests can be reduced by about 3%, if the spectrum fragmentation is considered. And, using SEC operation in time-varying traffic can reduce the BR of request about 1% and speed up the computation compared to the normal release and add operation.

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JournalComputer Communications
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Dec 15


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