Social network site use and academic achievement: A meta-analysis

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This meta-analysis examines the relation between use of social network sites and academic achievement. Thirty studies consisting of 21,367 participants are identified. The weighted mean correlation between use of social network sites and academic achievement is r¯ = −0.07. The weighted mean correlation is negligible (r¯ = −0.02) for studies assessing Facebook use, and small (r¯ = −0.12) for studies measuring use of all social network sites. Further, the weighted mean correlation is small (r¯ = −0.10) for studies assessing the duration of use, and close to zero (r¯ = −0.01) for studies measuring visiting frequency. The implication of the research for the relation between social network site use and academic achievement is discussed.

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JournalComputers and Education
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Apr 1


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