Relationship between the factors influencing online help-seeking and self-regulated learning among Taiwanese preservice teachers

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When the information that preservice teachers require to solve problems is inadequately provided by mentors, preservice teachers should seek help from personals outside the practicum school. Online help-seeking provides preservice teachers with useful information to self-regulate their follow-up behaviors for resolving problems. However, preservice teachers do not necessarily seek help. This study investigated the relationship between the psychological factors influencing the online help-seeking and subsequent self-regulated learning of preservice teachers. Valid questionnaires were collected from 462 Taiwanese preservice teachers during December 2015 and were tested by a second-order structural equation model. The evaluative results exhibited an excellent fit in a second-order factor model on online help-seeking, and established a structural equation model on the relationship between seeking help online and self-regulated learning. The analytical results suggested that perceptions of self-efficacy, epistemological belief, and perceived benefits regarding online help-seeking among preservice teachers were the factors related to the actual pursuit of online help, and affected their subsequent self-regulated learning performances. Thus, preservice teachers should be encouraged to seek external help via online communication when mentoring failed practices, especially for self-regulators with low self-efficacy and weak epistemological beliefs, as well as for those who do not perceive benefits from online help-seeking.

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JournalComputers in Human Behavior
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