Nonlinear bandgap opening behavior of BN co-doped graphene

Bo Yao Wang, Hsiaotsu Wang, Ling Yen Chen, Hung Chung Hsueh, Xin Li, Jinghua Guo, Yi Luo, Jau Wern Chiou, Wei Hua Wang, Po Hsiang Wang, Kuei Hsien Chen, Yen Chih Chen, Li Chyong Chen, Chia Hao Chen, Jian Wang, Way Faung Pong

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We have demonstrated a nonlinear behavior for the bandgap opening of doped graphene by controlling the concentration of B and N co-dopants. X-ray absorption and emission spectra reveal that the bandgap increases from 0 to 0.6 eV as the concentration of BN dopants is increased from 0 to 6%, while the bandgap closes when the doping concentration becomes 56%. This nonlinear behavior of bandgap opening of the BN-doped graphene depending on the BN concentrations is consistent with the valence-band photoemission spectroscopic measurements. The spatially resolved B, N and C K-edge scanning transmission x-ray microscopy and their x-ray absorption near-edge structure spectra all support the scenario of the development of h-BN-like domains at high concentrations of BN. Ab initio calculation, by taking into account of the strong correlation between the bandgap and the geometry/concentration of the dopant, has been performed with various BN-dopant nano-domains embedded in the graphene monolayer to verify the unique bandgap behavior. Based on the experimental measurements and ab initio calculation, we propose the progressive formation of a phase-separated zigzag-edged BN domain from BN quantum dots with increasing BN-dopant concentration to explain the extraordinary nonlinear behavior of bandgap opening of BN-doped graphene sheets. This study reveals a new way to engineer the bandgap of low-dimensional systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)857-864
Number of pages8
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Oct 1

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    Wang, B. Y., Wang, H., Chen, L. Y., Hsueh, H. C., Li, X., Guo, J., Luo, Y., Chiou, J. W., Wang, W. H., Wang, P. H., Chen, K. H., Chen, Y. C., Chen, L. C., Chen, C. H., Wang, J., & Pong, W. F. (2016). Nonlinear bandgap opening behavior of BN co-doped graphene. Carbon, 107, 857-864.