Description of a newly recorded Nitella species, N. mirabilis Nordstedt ex J. Groves (Charales, Charophyta), in Taiwan

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One newly recorded species of Nitella, N. mirabilis Nordstedt ex J. Groves (Charales, Charophyta) was found in Taiwan primarily based on the morphological features. This newly recorded species is characterized by being a monoecious plant, oospore surface appears an anastomosing network and possessing unicellular dactyls. Its monoecious nature and the characteristics of its reproductive organs separate it from other species of the genus. Its vegetative morphology is similar in many respects to that of the monoecious species belong to section Nitella, subgenus Nitella. However, the surface view of the oospores of N. mirabilis appears fibrillar based on the SEM observations due to the occurrence of the anastomosing network of fine fibrils. Such character is unique among the known species of the genus Nitella. N. mirabilis was found in a lake of Fushan Research Station, Yilan County, Taiwan in which the water depth range from a few centimeters to one meter.

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Publication statusPublished - 2014 Jan 1


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