Convenient vehicular automation system in promoting bus services

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In this paper, we introduce a vehicular automation system to promote the service of bus. The system provides two kinds of services to passengers. One is a voice announcing service. The other is an LED matrix displaying service. The voice announcing service reminds the passengers of the newly approaching station. The LED matrix not only displays the name of the station but also displays the driving status of the bus so that the passengers have more time to prepare for it. The combination of these two services makes the system more friendly in bus service.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)153-157
Number of pages5
JournalConference Proceedings - IEEE SOUTHEASTCON
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Jan 1
EventProceedings of the 1998 IEEE SOUTHEASTCON Conference - Orlando, FL, USA
Duration: 1998 Apr 241998 Apr 26

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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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