Background noise cancellation for hands-free communication system of car cabin using adaptive feedforward algorithms

Jian Da Wu, Tian Hua Lee, Mingsian R. Bai

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This paper describes the background noise attenuation for hands-free communication systems of car cabins using adaptive feedforward noise control algorithm. For hands-free telephone system, the quality of communication usually is effect by background noise such as engine noise and aerodynamic noise. In the present study, an active noise control (ANC) design for reducing car cabin periodic background noise from engine and broadband random noise using adaptive feedforward control are investigated. The control algorithm is based on the well-known filtered-x least mean square (FXLMS) with multi-sine synthesized reference signal and frequency counting technology is implemented on a digital signal processor (DSP) platform. Experimental results indicated that the proposed design was effective suppressing 15 dB in periodic engine noise and 2-3 dB in broadband random background noise.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)440-451
Number of pages12
JournalInternational Journal of Vehicle Design
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Aug 15


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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering

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