Assessing e-commerce systems success: A respecification and validation of the DeLone and McLean model of IS success

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DeLone & McLean (2003) propose an updated information systems (IS) success model and suggest that it can be extended to investigating e-commerce systems success. However, the updated IS success model has not been empirically validated in the context of e-commerce. Further, the existing IS/e-commerce success models have been subject to considerable debate on the 'IS Use' and 'Perceived Usefulness' constructs, and the nomological structure of the updated DeLone and McLean model is somewhat inconsistent with the IS acceptance and marketing literature. Based on the IS and marketing literature, this paper respecifies and validates a multidimensional model for assessing e-commerce systems success. The validated model consists of six dimensions: Information Quality, System Quality, Service Quality, Perceived Value, User Satisfaction and Intention to Reuse. Structural equation modelling techniques were applied to data collected by questionnaire from 240 users of e-commerce systems in Taiwan. The empirical evidence suggests that Intention to Reuse is affected by Perceived Value and User Satisfaction, which, in turn, are influenced by Information Quality, System Quality and Service Quality. The nomological structure of the respecified e-commerce systems success model is concurred with that of the technology acceptance model (TAM) in the IS field and the consumer behaviour models in the traditional business-to-business and retail contexts. The findings of this study provide several important implications for research and practice. This paper concludes by discussing the contributions of this study and the limitations that could be addressed in future studies.

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JournalInformation Systems Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 2008 Sep 1

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